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Kelli Welli favorites and NEW songs coming soon - including "Turtlurtlurtle" 2019 WINNER of the West Coast Songwriters Intl Song Contest!

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'Turtlurtlurtle" - Lyrics and Chords

This song was inspired by the nicknames of an amazing little girl in my life. Her grandparents call her "Turtlurtlurtler" and one of her first teacher's called her Loo. Every amazing little girl deserves a song in her honor—and her dad plays guitar on it!


Lyrics | Chords - Printable PDF

Key Bb

Turtlurtlurtle is a turtle, not a bird
Or an orangutan, an elephant
Or even a giraffe
She can hold her breath
Under water, like an otter
But she isn’t an otter either


And her best friend, Lou
Is a turtle too---
How do you do, Lou?


Turtlurtlurtle has a sister, Myrtlyrtle
She’s a turtle, not a parrotfish
Flamingo or a bat
If you get confused
When you see her on the evening news
She isn’t a TV journalist


She has a crush on Lou
If he only knew---
(Oh!) How do you do, Lou?


Now turtles don’t often
Get mistaken
For the other animals in the zoo---
Except for tortoises
They live on land
We're talking about turtles
They live in water, and on land too


Turtlurtlurtle is a little bit unusual
She likes to wear a costume
Every day of her life
She’s super social
Soaking in the pools of other animals
She doesn’t seem scared at all---

And her best friend, Lou
Wears a costume, too---
But only sometimes


So, if you happen to
Be at the zoo
And you see a strange looking animal—-
It might be a turtle
In disguise
Otherwise, it might be a homo sapien


Urtlurtlurtlurtl and Loooo
Urtlurtlurtl--urtl and Loooo


Turtlurtlurtle’s still a turtle. Quite a turtle!
And Myrtlyrtle finally married Lou
Everybody’s happy
This is sounding kind of sappy
But we hope to see you at the zoo


Bring your best friend, too
If he’s a turtle, you—-
Are lucky




good stuff

TED Talk: "How Singing Together Changes the Brain" - Tania de Jong

Tania de Jong AM makes the case that people singing together can change the brain. Pushing the idea that creativity is the strategic tool of the 21st century, she says how our voices have been silenced and that it's not doing us any good. She explains how singing is a survival mechanism, how it makes our hearts beat together and can help heal strokes and depression.



With singing, and the potential she believes it has, Tania dedicates herself to enhancing and promoting ingenuity and founded Creativity Australia and Creative Universe to do so. As a leading Australian soprano and through 'With One Voice', Tania works with disadvantaged communities. In 2008 she was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for services to the arts and for the establishment and development of arts enrichment programs for schools and communities.



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